Monday, December 17, 2012

friends in my Yahoo groups

While I am sorry to see anyone leave a group I am moderating, I can understand why you would leave. You signed up for your reasons which may not include what I post. At times, I will post pictures that some would view as not related to the group. I will not apologize for this.

The groups I moderate are of a kink nature. as such, I try to post items that can appeal to a large group of my members. I know I cannot make everyone happy with the selections I choose.

It is well within your right to leave the group, I will not hold anyone hostage to my posts. If you find removing yourself from the group difficult, by all means, let me know, And I will revoke your membership.

For those who enjoy the kink pictures I post, this makes me quite happy. for those who do not like the selection I post, please feel free at any time to post pictures to the group as well. It is a lot more interesting when people are interactive in the group.