Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day at Hillside.

its 5:15, Daddy and his pup are on the way to Hillside Campground. Pups tail has been creating a tornado because it's wagging so hard. to say the least, i am excited.

This is my first time at Hillside. I know a few people that are my friends that will be there. I know Daddy will have a lot of friends there. Daddy is a member of Cumalot. and as this is pups first time there, he will be a cum scout. I even have a special tee for it. I wonder how many of the guys will want to buy one. I also made a  Cumalot tee for the others, its cumalot: rapture proof. Daddy thinks they are both awesome.

I am hoping to find a lot of must there for U/us to play in.  we also plan on a lot of piss play and getting as dirty as we can. RUFF RUFF. I brought my camera so there should be lots of pictures.

Monday, May 9, 2011

pup flags. (cont)

I have been chatting with many pups, and while the leather pride dog bone is in favor of being the community pup flag, there is a snag. the flag is copyrighted by pup brue. I am trying to get a hold of him to discuss the use of his flag for the community.

because of this situation, I have started to create a new pup flag. it is a combination of the leather pride flag and boy flag designs.

it has the same colors as the leather pride flag, and the slanted lines of the boy flag. while I am hopeful that this may become the community pup flag, I am hopeful that the other pup pride flag will be allowed for us to be used.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

pup flags.

I have been able to get the leather boy flag produced at a quantity to keep the prices low.
boy flag
I have received requests for producing the pup flag. the problem I am finding is that there are numerous pup flags out there. the question is, which one is the predominant one. so far, it looks like a toss up between 1 and 2. 
pup flag 02
pup flag 01

pup flag 03

pup flag 04

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 6th muddy news posts

Sacto 9-1-1: Sacramento firefighters rescue man stuck in mud to his thighs
Modesto Bee
By Bill Lindelof - Sacramento police reported that a man got stuck up to his thighs in river mud and had to be rescued last night. Sacramento Fire Department firefighters were the first to respond to the banks of the Sacramento ...

Man Stuck in Mud for Four Hours
A 20-year-old man was stuck in the mud near the Sacramento River for four hours, and firefighters had to pry him loose. It happened near I-5 and Sutterville Road. The man says he was with some friends walking on a log when he stepped onto some mud. ...

beautiful saturday

It's a beautiful Saturday, my allergy season is over, and it's a little over a month till summer gets here. and I am sitting here in front of the computer starting my new grunge blog.

I would prefer to be out hiking/walking with my Daddy, camera in hand, trying to find some mud. bur alas, no. I was in the hospital yesterday, having a hernia sewn shut. so today I am healing. Hoping tonight to be able to goto Leon's Leather Lounge, aka, the Triple L. tonight is a DC boys of leather night and would be great seeing them up this way.

Now to go through my photo archive and find boot black pictures for "The Shine Rag" (Live date: May 20th 2011) Shine Rag is a Bi-Monthly Webzine (rag). It invites all original poems, fiction and non-fiction stories, boot porn, photos and illustrations,etc. Remember, It’s all about the boots!

I may have to post some of my muddy boot pictures in there as well. oh, and they will end up here as well.