Sunday, July 31, 2011

Title holders

Many times I see and hear about how being a titleholder is great. I hear about how you get to meet a lot of our leather family across the country and the world. which, by no means is a small thing. but I wonder, how many of the new friends during that year are from the area they represent? isn't being a titleholder supposed to be about bringing that community closer together, doing what you can to improve the lives of the family you represent, doing what you can to bring about change that is needed for them

being humble during this, is in my opinion, a crucial element. I have seen many titleholders who change during their title year. some become less humble. some become self important. some only want the title to hold as a trophy, and little more than to show it off.

I have also seen the good changes a title can bring onto a person. I have witnessed many who are introverts become very open and friendly people because of the title. which to me is fantastic. sad to say, I find this type of growth to be uncommon. I know its happens, but is seldom seen.

to me, being a title holder is a big responsibility. you are not only representing the community you came from, but you are also  a role model for the new generations coming into our family. We need to show them that we are about love, family, friendship, and servitude. to each other, the community, and to ourselves.

time to step off of the soap box.

Go get dirty friends

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am working on hope to have some good pictures for you to drool over. some of me, and many of picture I have taken over the years

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mudding at Hillside

Last weekend, Daddy and his pup went looking for mud at Hillside last weekend. We did find one spot up there but it was only a few inches deep. But, more than enough for us to play with. I only wish we had brought the camera with us that weekend.

We are bringing my old camera with us this weekend. I’d almost rather the new camera for its video recording ability, but not sure I want to have that in the mud. But if one was dropped, I’d rather it be the old one. The old camera still works quite well, it’s just slower with fewer megapixels. It should do just fine. Daddy and his pup are hoping to get good pictures posted on soon.