Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photography and MALS/b contest 2013

-I speak from my own point of vew, my opinion.

Thursday  night, I was going through alot of my pictures I've taken over these last few years to find some awesome nature pictures  I've taken. ran out of time and only put about 150 in the frame.

Friday at work, I was watching the picture scroll by and realized how much I miss doing pictures  of waterfalls, lakes, sunsets, sunrises. I so want to do more.

I just put in a memory card in the camera so I can get some pictures today. With reviewing the pictures stored on the card, I am brought back to this past MALS/b contest at CLAP.

While I do not know what transpired during the interview, from the rest of the contest, it is my opinion that he is, by far, the worst option to have won. I know, I will never refer to him with SIR, Sir, or even sir. If the situation calls for a title in reference to him, it will  be LeatherSir 2013, Edward.

During a speach by the current International  LeatherSir. I wanted to stand up and yell WHAT THE FUCK! He was talking about how only the Mr Drummers and LeatherSirs were his leather brothers. I was livid.

As a Leatherman,  I never think of a title as anything other than an award by the community to a specific individual.  I do not  will not, raise that individual on a pedistal. I will help them with their soapbox to bring attention to the cause they are championing.

I have run across many titleholders who think they are on a pedistal. And I see them as part of the reason that the leather community has gone "underground". We are tired of the pretentious, self centered, leather queens, who want to feel like a celebrity.

I know many titlehlders. Being a titleholder has a tendency to change people. Some of my good friends have become a far better person during their title year. I have also seen the reverse happen where a descent person turns into a diva.

To me, competing for a contest is not about the sash and gifts. Its about promoting a worth while cause you believe in.

Now time for breakfast and later taking some pictures. There are some fields and streams near by that I've  been meaning to take pictures of.

These views are mine and mine alone. They are my opinions and observations. I do not ask anything more that to allow me these. I do not expect you to agree with them. After all, they are my boots, my observations, my opinions.