Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day at Hillside.

its 5:15, Daddy and his pup are on the way to Hillside Campground. Pups tail has been creating a tornado because it's wagging so hard. to say the least, i am excited.

This is my first time at Hillside. I know a few people that are my friends that will be there. I know Daddy will have a lot of friends there. Daddy is a member of Cumalot. and as this is pups first time there, he will be a cum scout. I even have a special tee for it. I wonder how many of the guys will want to buy one. I also made a  Cumalot tee for the others, its cumalot: rapture proof. Daddy thinks they are both awesome.

I am hoping to find a lot of must there for U/us to play in.  we also plan on a lot of piss play and getting as dirty as we can. RUFF RUFF. I brought my camera so there should be lots of pictures.