Sunday, December 30, 2012

end of year mud

well, the end of the year is here. We survived the apocalypse, big surprise. So what are peoples plans for the new year? mud, oil, grunge, food, piss? I hope you get to do it. I know I want to do some of that in 2013. if you have any pictures from your play, you can always post your pictures on my Gay Mud  yahoo group, gay mud 2, or Guys into mud. or if you just want to show off your piss pics, go to my DCWS(DC Watersports) group as well.

I do have a grungepup group on Facebook. I do tend to be selective on who I allow as friends on my Facebook profile, but please join grungepup if you wish. I am considering setting up Google groups to offer another location and options.

Well, nothing in the news since the last blog post :(.

You may have seen ads for and I own those sites and, like everyone else, want to make more money. I own both sites.