Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hump day fun

I was looking at various auto greases out there, but none seemed to be healthy of, um, consumed. Not that I want to eat it, but if you are nibbling on someone who has it on them, you may get it in your mouth. And I am sure it will taste, nasty. So I am concocting a recipe that may help with this.

My experiment consists of
  •  1 small Crisco can
  •  1 Packet of whip it.
  •  food dye sample kit(red, blue, green yellow)

I put the Crisco in a mixing bowl and used an electric beater to mix it up the whip it*. I put in all the red dye I had hoping to come up with a bright red colored grease. No such luck. It was a great shade of red, but nowhere near what I wanted. So I added some blue hoping that it would darken the red a bit by turning it a bit purple. This however did not happen. What I got was a great shade of grey.

The consistency seemed to be losing its viscosity, so I put it in the fridge to cool it down a bit. And to let the whip it set a bit.

I scooped some of the grey out and put it into a zip lock sandwich bag. Then I slowly added some green to see if I could get a better grey. I ended up putting the entire green in. big mistake. I now have greenish grey lube. I returned the lube to the Crisco can. It’s a good thing I separated some of the Crisco at the red and grey stage. I must have added a lot of air because the finished batch was more than the can could handle. But no matter.

Tomorrow I will check its viscosity and how much the dye will leach into the skin. hopefully not much.


* Whip it is a stabilizer for whipping cream. I am hopeful that this will help keep the Crisco more stable when in contact with skin.

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