Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buck motorsports park

<p>This past Saturday, June 23, Daddy and His pup went to Buck motorsport park to watch the mud bogs. This is pretty muck a monthly event. The first one is the end of April and the last is the end of September. The next one is July 28th.

This is the first MD bog for Daddy. My last one was in Kingston NH about 25 years ago. I have been wanting to get to one for a while.

At the end of the mud bog is a run for the cash. You got it. Guys get to run from one end to the other to find one of 2 cash prizes. Daddy and I didn't partake this time. But next month one of us is bound to do it. Just not sure I want to be hosed down with cold water.

For the July event we will be meeting some of friends from Cumalot there. I haven't told them there are only porta  potties there, so no bathroom sex. :-(  but who knows what they may get in the pits. :-)

This is a picture  of the may winner for the run for cash