Saturday, May 7, 2011

beautiful saturday

It's a beautiful Saturday, my allergy season is over, and it's a little over a month till summer gets here. and I am sitting here in front of the computer starting my new grunge blog.

I would prefer to be out hiking/walking with my Daddy, camera in hand, trying to find some mud. bur alas, no. I was in the hospital yesterday, having a hernia sewn shut. so today I am healing. Hoping tonight to be able to goto Leon's Leather Lounge, aka, the Triple L. tonight is a DC boys of leather night and would be great seeing them up this way.

Now to go through my photo archive and find boot black pictures for "The Shine Rag" (Live date: May 20th 2011) Shine Rag is a Bi-Monthly Webzine (rag). It invites all original poems, fiction and non-fiction stories, boot porn, photos and illustrations,etc. Remember, It’s all about the boots!

I may have to post some of my muddy boot pictures in there as well. oh, and they will end up here as well.